Everyone invited to discuss Artificial Intelligence

Since June 2023, ABD members interested in topics around Artificial intelligence (AI) have begun exploratory work, which has already yielded its first results.

Given the global importance of AI discussions, the team conceived within the Digital Trade and Economy Group has outlined an action plan for their work and convened a kick-off meeting for the ABD AI Task Force on January 31 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (ET).

Objectives include developing policy recommendations for AI applications in international coordination, regulatory convergence, adoption of international standards and principles, privacy, and data security.

Additionally, the group aims to advocate for policy adoption at all levels, promote awareness and education about AI technologies and their implications, and monitor policy implementation to assess impact and suggest improvements if necessary. The AI task force is co-chaired by Microsoft, The Latin American Internet Association – ALAI, Salesforce, and Google.

Acknowledging the widespread interest in this topic, the group extends an invitation to all ABD members who actively want to enrich the dialogue and the consensus proposals to be developed.