Newsletter January-April

Accelerating Responsible Energy Transitions in the Americas

ABD member companies convened at the 6th Energy and Climate Partnership for the Americas (ECPA) Energy Ministerial in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on March 14-15 with a steadfast commitment: fostering high-level public-private policy dialogues to steer economic and social growth in the Americas. As representatives of the Energy & Natural Resources Working Group, comprising over 130 companies and associations across the hemisphere, we recognize the pivotal role of energy in propelling regional prosperity.

Our region boasts a wealth of energy resources, yet many remain untapped. Embracing this potential requires concerted efforts toward resilience, sustainability, and affordability. In the face of climate change, our companies are innovating to responsibly decarbonize economies.

While progress has been made, further and rapid action is imperative. During one of the plenaries at the Ministerial Meeting, our group presented recommendations to government delegations to expedite responsible energy transitions and channel investments toward critical infrastructure and sustainable solutions. These recommendations prioritize:

  1. Diversifying the energy mix and integrating technologies to ensure reliability.

  2. Modernizing regulatory frameworks to facilitate technology adoption and decarbonization.

  3. Accelerating investment in transmission and smart grid technologies for renewable integration.

  4. Implementing disciplined planning to better finance renewable projects and incentivize transition.

  5. Focusing on just energy transitions, integrating social investment and community engagement.

We stand at a critical juncture. Today's challenges must not deter us from our ultimate goal: combating climate change while creating economic and social development for the people of the region. This is an opportunity to develop policies and incentives for sustainable growth, with the private sector ready to contribute under favorable conditions.

We all have a role in shaping a sustainable, resilient, and affordable energy sector in the Americas. As private sector representatives, we extend our gratitude and commitment to building a brighter energy future for our region.


ABD Participates in the Business Forum during IDB’s Annual Meetings

The Business Forum, held in the context of the IDB Annual Meetings, featured contributions from ABD leaders who engaged in discussions aimed at fostering economic growth, investment, and public-private partnerships throughout the region.

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