Americas RISE for Health


On the eve of the IX Summit of the Americas, hosted by President Biden in Los Angeles, the United States announced the establishment of complementary mechanisms to bolster resiliency of the hemisphere’s health economies and ecosystems: the multisectoral Americas RISE for Health  and government-only Economy & Health Dialogue of the Americas  Together, RISE and EHA represent novel complementary efforts that focus the region’s governments, private sector and civil society on shared challenges and opportunities to build resilient, inclusive, sustainable, equitable (RISE) health economies and ecosystems.

Americas RISE for Health (RISE) is a public-private, multisectoral forum that harnesses the collective strengths of the region’s private sector and civil society in partnership with the region’s governments to build sustainable health economies and ecosystems. For more information, please visit the RISE website.


Olivia Burzynska-Hernandez and Johan Marulanda, RISE Technical Secretariat, olivia and