Digitalization is critical for the continuity and expansion of economic activity. Over the past decade, countries in the Americas have made significant strides in deploying Internet access and digital technologies—and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated that transformation.

To maintain momentum with digital initiatives, countries in the Americas need to focus on achieving universal access to connectivity and digital technologies and accelerating digitalization processes—and on doing so quickly. Government policies must continue encouraging digital transformation across industries, focusing on areas where digitalization may have an exceptionally critical impact. These include using technology to reduce the talent gap in education, and providing equitable access to government, financial and health services.

Along with the significant advances in the adoption of digital technologies, an enormous challenge exists in deploying the digital-related regulations and policies that will enable the entire region’s productivity and growth. Today, digitalization is not an option for the Americas—it is an imperative that will define how prosperous the future will be for the region.


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