Dialogue for implementation

Sharing the private sector perspective with governments

ABD promotes high-level public-private dialogue between the business leaders and governments of the Americas on the priorities, challenges, and opportunities for economic and social development in the region, with an emphasis on developing and implementing public policies in pursuit of this objective.

Our Members:


Companies and
business associations operating
in the region




Thematic Working Groups

Working Groups

ABD facilitates the process of dialogue to consensus and drafting of specific policy recommendations.

ABD Members are organized in 10 thematic Working Groups that address topics key to economic and development in the Americas. Working groups analyze challenges and opportunities at both the national and regional level, and formulate public policy recommendations to promote the strengthening of the private sector, job creation and development.

Our counterparts: Governments

ABD facilitates the process of formulating policy recommendation to dissemination and implementation.

ABD works with the governments of the region – at the technical, ministerial, and Head of State level – to disseminate its recommendations and provide support for their implementation, offering the technical capacity and experience of the private sector to contribute to effective public policies.

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