2018 – ABD – Action for Growth Report

The Americas Business Dialogue (ABD) is a private sector led initiative facilitated by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) aimed at fostering a high-level public-private policy dialogue between business and government leaders of the Americas on the region’s priorities, challenges, and opportunities for economic growth and development. In its role as facilitator of the ABD, the IDB provides technical support to all ABD working groups. To this end, the IDB works to convene government authorities from the Americas to explore potential areas of public-private collaboration and supports the implementation of ABD recommendations. The IDB also works to facilitate the ABD annual plenary meeting and ABD member participation at high-level ministerial meetings in the Americas. Lastly, the IDB coordinates the CEO Summit of the Americas, with the support from the Summit of the Americas host country, where ABD members present policy recommendations to Heads of State and Government.

The ABD is grateful for the opportunity to present its policy recommendations and 2018-2021 action plan for consideration by the Heads of State and Government attending the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru.

In this report, the ABD makes 42 recommendations across five key themes:

1. Strengthening transparency and integrity
2. Digitizing growth
3. Trading for tomorrow
4. Powering development
5. Upskilling for the future

These recommendations are made in the spirit of democratic governance against corruption and increased transparency in the region. The ABD recognizes that for development and economic growth efforts to be sustainable, they must be undertaken in a highly-transparent manner. All the ABD working groups are united in this commitment, and it is the driving force behind each recommendation.

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